Nov 11, 2017

Why our web hosting beats the competition

Our fast, reliable web hosting comes with a package of premium features as standard.

'Visually speaking, the film is impeccable.'

Free SSL certificates

Earn users’ trust with the free SSL certificates bundled with every Small Wins site.

Even sites that don’t handle sensitive information owe it to their users to protect their information online.

Web browsers will soon begin to warn users about unsecured sites that lack SSL certificates, so it pays to think ahead.

Give users that trusty green padlock - we’ll even handle the configuration for you.

Regular, automated backups

Say goodbye to inadvertent data loss with our painless backup process.

Losing data is scary, so don’t leave it to chance.

Our backup proceedure creates frequent offsite backups and needs no input from you, so if things ever do go awry, you’re only ever a few clicks away from business as usual.

We can tailor backups to a schedule that makes sense for you - weekly, daily, or even hourly.

'Visually speaking, the film is impeccable.'

A staging site to test-drive changes

We make it easy for you to try out changes without affecting your live site.

Say goodbye to fiddling with your site in full view of customers.

Our staging sites let you eliminate uncertainty. Try out appearance and functionality changes on a mirror image of your live site, safely hidden away from your users.

Feel empowered to experiment with the web.

Dedicated servers

We use dedicated cloud servers to give your site room to breathe and expand.

Bargain basement web hosts cram websites onto servers by the dozen, with a single server sometimes hosting over one hundred sites.

This limits the amount of traffic each site can withstand, and if one site gets a traffic spike, the others suffer.

With us, your server hosts only your site - no one else’s.

'Visually speaking, the film is impeccable.'

Bespoke technical support

If things go wrong, we’ll investigate and fix it for you.

We’re only an email or a phone call away. We’ll invest the time to make sure you get up and running as soon as possible, and stay that way.

Modern PHP

All our sites run on the most recent edition of PHP - making them faster and more secure than the competition.

PHP is the programming language most of our sites run on. Most cheap web hosts are still running PHP5 - a version of the language released in 2004!

Because we run on PHP7, our sites are faster, more secure, and better prepared for today’s web.

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